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Charlie and Charlies Mum Obstetric Examination Simulator

Gynaecological Simulator

Lucy and Lucy’s Mum Instrumental Delivery Birth Simulator

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Sophie and Sophie’s Mum Birth Simulator

Educational Demonstrations

You can find links here to educational material by clinicians who have chosen to use Model-med Obstetric Simulators to assist in teaching their skills.

The online Merck (or MSD) Manuals are known around the world. Below are links to online videos by Shad Deering MD demonstrating various competencies using MODEL-med Simulators:

Merck Manuals Main Page for Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Merck Manuals Page for
Shoulder Dystocia
Merck Manuals Page for
Breech Delivery
Merck Manuals Page for Management of a Normal Delivery

GynZone using MODEL-med simulators

We are proud to present our partnership with GynZone, a renowned company specialising in teaching perineal repair.

GynZone have now created online courses that cover a range of obstetric and gynaecological procedures using our MODEL-med simulators.

The Safe Passages Program

The Safe Passages program is a U.S. Military Health program lead by Merlin Fausett MD designed to reduce Perineal Trauma.

Click the link below to go to the Perineal Trauma Reduction Page for the Safe Passages Program:

You can read a report on the success of the Safe Passages program here:

“Helping to keep mothers and babies safe”

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